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Shop Forward

Shop Forward is the brainchild of Project Forward. Project Forward’s experience in underserved communities, both in providing technical assistance to business owners and supporting the physical asset development of commercial corridors brings a level of understanding that is not being exhibited in today’s market place.

Also, when a business is first starting, they often lack capital: human, social, financial and otherwise. Project Forward offers to fill that gap with the Pop Forward/Shop Forward membership service. This allows the business owner to do whatever it is that they do best, meanwhile building the framework that will allow them to work on their business, not just in their business.

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For Small Businesses (Vendors)

Shop Forward provides opportunities for micro businesses, an opportunity to make money. Shop Forward will provide 1) the marketplace 2) marketing and back office support 3) membership based education with Pop Forward for the vendor participants to ensure they make as much money as they can.  Apply to participate in our markets by completing this application. or learn more about memberships


We offer

  • Member based support services for micro entrepreneurs

  • Curated pop up events, combining businesses with complimentary offerings

  • Comprehensive marketing packages – we understand more than a clip art logo is needed to elevate our brands

  • Due to our partnership with award winning marketing company (offers graphic design, in house print services), we are able to offer extremely affordable needed collateral for members of our program

  • Back office support in the areas of HR, Legal, Marketing and Web development*

  • Creation and distribution of high quality, joint marketing collateral

  • A trusted network of service providers, partners and collaborators

  • Discounts and opportunities to shop at scale

  • A spring board to success!

Landlords and Community

Shop Forward markets occur in underutilized spaces: including vacant storefronts,  as well as public space, like vacant lots. Why does this matter? Shop Forward activates spaces and utilize techniques to engage community residents and potential customers, to change how they interact with the commercial corridors. When new businesses come into commercial corridors that have chronic vacancies or are not dense with lots of businesses, instead of seeing the new businesses, people continue to behave as if they are not there. Shop Forward's goal is to change the walking and consumer behaviors of the communities they are in.

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Real Estate Developers and Small Business Attraction

One major benefit to the Shop Forward Markets is accurate data collection and buying patterns of markets that are not always on the radar and include significant portions of businesses that may function in the shadow economy.  Our markets create a real opportunity to collect and provide snapshots of consumer demographics, psychographics and consumer trends.